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Better diagnostics for neurological diseases



Customers / Partners: Combinostics Oy


Diagnostics for neurological diseases tend to involve a large amount of information. For example, a host of tests are performed to diagnose memory disorders. These produce huge amounts of data which are difficult to use optimally without the support of tools. Combined with a variety of possible background causes of symptoms, a huge data mass makes decision-making complex.



iStock_000014945502_Large.jpgVTT spin-off Combinostics develops clinical diagnostics and data analysis solutions, which enable the more accurate diagnosis of neurological diseases. The origins of the company’s technology lie in its founders’ research into data-based tools at VTT. The result was a completely new way of interpreting and combining a range of medical information as the basis for a clinical decision-making tool.



Combinostics’ software supports clinical decision making by improving the speed and quality of diagnoses. For example, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's can be detected, and treatment can begin, at an early stage.