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Beauty patch developed by VTT generates its power from sugar and air


​A disposable beauty patch using microampere current to enhance absorption of skin care products will offer future consumers an opportunity to perform galvanic skin treatments at home. At the moment, this can only be done by beauticians using special devices. The product idea developed at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland can also be applied to medicinal products.

The invention differs from beauty patches presently on the market in its functioning mechanism, power production and manufacturing method. Electric current is minimal, causing no unpleasant sensations for the consumer.

The new type of beauty patch generates the current it needs from sugar and air with the help of enzymes. The electrodes and enzymes required by the power source are attached efficiently by means of printing technology.

Several VTT competencies were brought together during development: enzyme technology, fuel cell research and printed intelligence.

Åbo Akademi and Tampere University of Technology have also been involved in the development work, making a major contribution to the development of electrochemical solutions and to research of the functioning mechanisms. Åbo Akademi showed that skin permeability can be altered with the help of microampere current to enhance the absorption of skin care products into the skin.

A patent for the product and its manufacturing method has been applied for. In addition to cosmetics, the same product and manufacturing method could be adapted to medicinal and herbal products.
“The product has already attracted interest in the cosmetics industry. We have now advanced to the commercialisation phase, during which we shall make efforts to expedite the new solution's entry into the market," says Anu Vaari, Senior Scientist at VTT.