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VTT Memsfab Ltd

VTT Review 2015

VTT Memsfab Ltd engages in the contract manufacturing of micro and nano-electronics materials and components. The company makes products using VTT research and development facilities in Micronova's clean room. Using this approach, VTT can effortlessly move R&D into the production phase without having to re-initiate the process in another plant. Partly for product liability reasons, production activities aside from research (due to its exceptional nature) have been hived off into a separate company within VTT Group.

VTT Memsfab Ltd has been operating for five years. Many new customers have been added to those on board when the company was established. Memsfab has been profitable in most years since then. The company has also provided synergy benefits by promoting collaboration with VTT on many fronts. Production activities have increased industrial utilisation of the clean room's versatile infrastructure.



The sensor chips used by Elekta's Magnetoencephalography (MEG) devices to measure brain signals are made by
VTT Memsfab Ltd (photo Elekta).