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VTT Expert Services Ltd

VTT Review 2015

​Together with its subsidiary, Labtium, VTT Expert Services Ltd offers commercial expert services, surveys and assessments; certification and approval services; testing, inspection and analysis services; and calibration services. Our testing, analysis, calibration, inspection and certification services have been accredited by the national body, FINAS. Our accreditations cover over 1,000 standards. Labtium and VTT Expert Services Ltd have the necessary notifications to act as a Notified Body. In addition, VTT Expert Services Ltd is a certified product approval body. We also engage in foreign accreditation.

As a provider of third-party testing, inspection and certification services, VTT Expert Services Ltd seeks to ensure that its customer's products, employees and processes meet the highest safety and health and other quality standards. In turn – through geo, fuel and environmental analysis in particular – Labtium Ltd supports its customers' production processes and quality control. By ensuring a good fit with the market, users and official requirements, the companies' services improve the competitiveness of the customer's production, products and services. Customer needs are being created by regulations, production and product problems, and production control requirements. Although plenty of players provide standardised services, small service providers in particular lack the expertise to provide tailored solutions. This highlights the need for, and impact of, VTT's services in the industrial SME sector. VTT Expert Services Ltd is among the top five providers of conformity assessment services on the Finnish market.

Both companies have engaged in R&D focused on the customer's operations, service content and increasing operational efficiency, with the aim of improving profitability and competitiveness. They have also hugely improved their financial performance.

By exploiting digitalisation, for example, the companies are proactively and continuously developing their service portfolios to meet changing customer needs. A new search service and eService portal were launched during the 2015 financial year. Labtium rationalised its service offering and office network to meet demand from the mining industry. In addition, its service range was extended with the acquisition of a precious metal product inspection operation.

Approvals from external parties are crucial when providing third-party services. The number of certificates issued by external parties increased by 28. These were primarily related to product and system approvals when providing services based on powers granted by a competent authority.