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Research strategy

VTT Review 2015

We are building Finland's future together with our partners

Our value propositions: Empowerment by digitalisation • Sustainability from smart communities • Competence from industrial ecosystems • Energy security from clean energy systems • Prosperity from natural resources.

In meeting the challenges facing the business sector and society, our selected focus areas are bioeconomy, low-carbon energy, digitalisation, cleantech, resource-efficient production, and health and wellbeing solutions.


​Prosperity from natural resources

Holistic thinking and new sources or raw materials, such as waste or industrial side streams, provide a potential competitive edge based on new business models focusing on eco-efficiency.

Self-sufficiency with clean energy systems
Clean and smart energy systems are key guarantors of Finland's energy security. Low emission and low carbon energy production methods also provide us with plenty of export opportunities.  

Competitive advantage from industry renewal
To secure our export base, we must renew our industrial sector. As a multi-technology organisation, VTT is working together with companies to improve competitiveness.

Smart communities – good connections and smooth everyday life
Smart traffic, eco-efficient communities and resource-wise practices equal sustainable development towards smart communities. VTT is engaged in long-term co-operation on the development of smart traffic, construction and services.

Finland on the top of the progressing digital disruption
The Internet continues to spread: we now run into it in the most surprising places and contexts. The industrial internet and universal digitalisation will have a multi-billion euro impact on the Finnish economy.