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Awards and prizes

VTT Review 2015

  • Research Professor Miimu Airaksinen was nominated as an expert to prepare the UN urbanization strategy document in the UN policy unit 9. She is the first Finnish expert nominated in the unit.

  • Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, EVP, Strategic Research, was appointed to the Executive Board of the EIT Raw Materials. EIT Raw Materials is a new innovation centre of the European Institute for Innovation and Techology (EIT). Its primary goal is to generate new innovations, experts and companies through European co-operation.

  • Caj Södergård was appointed to the European Commission’s high level expert group on ‘European Open Science Cloud’. The group will provide strategic advice to the European Commission on research data sharing, data stewardship and data reuse in the context of the implementation of the ‘European Open Science Cloud' - part of the Commission Digital Single Market Strategy.

  • Senior Principal Scientist Jari Kiviaho was nominated to the scientific board of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). FCH JU supports European fuel cell and hydrogen research, technology development and demonstration projects.

  • Research Scientist Helena Henno won the project proposal competition of YEAR, Young European Associated Researchers. Her idea, Fluvoid, proposed a smartphone-based home diagnostic test of influenza combined with processing of results on a large scale to track its propagation and implement warnings and preventative measures. The awarded idea was developed with Ville Antila & Lauri Reuter from VTT and partners from Sintef (Norway) and SP (Sweden).

  • Minna Pikkarainen, Connected Health Professor at the University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, made it into the winning trio of the Outstanding Young Person competition 2015 that will be representing Finland in the Junior Chamber organisations’ international competition in 2016.

  • Senior Scientist Kirsi Hyytinen was awarded for the best PhD paper in the annual RESER conference. The paper studies the significance of collaborative forms of system and service innovations and illustrates how this collaboration can be supported with the mechanisms of network governance.

  • Research Team Leader Timo Aalto won VTT Award 2014 for demonstrating considerable business thinking in his actions and for boosting business and sales.

  • Research Professor Nils-Olof Nylund was awarded with VTT’s Communication Award 2015. He has communicated the achievements of his research area commendably and thereby increased the awareness of both the media and consumers of the development, safety and social and environmental impacts of transport and vehicle technology.

  • Aalto University received The European Paper Recycling Award 2015 from the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) for the development of a novel spinning technique that allows the production of textiles and garments from waste paper and waste card board. Pretreatment methods for the recycled paper and board were developed in tight collaboration with VTT.

  • International Software and Systems Modeling Journal awarded Senior Scientist Anne Immonen and Research Professor Eila Ovaska with The eight year 2007 – 2014 most influential regular paper award for their article "Survey of reliability and availability prediction methods from the viewpoint of software architecture".