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VTT iBEX – Solutions. Not just research.


Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

A new year, the same old climate change. The same insufficiency of resources. The same cyber threats and increasing health care costs. Except that now we will shake ourselves awake and roll up our sleeves! Future is made today.

Challenge accepted

Solving global problems requires thinking big and putting oneself on the line as a research scientist, engineer and a person. We challenge ourselves, question the established habits and goad companies and societal actors into cooperation.

VTT iBEX is a runway for inventions that will change the world. Each year, the programme funds ten or so projects, each of which has come into being from the passion of a research scientists to solve the global challenge they find most fascinating. Experts have less than a year to find meaningful solutions for bottlenecks.

All research projects are linked to VTT’s strategic focus areas: global challenges that, when solved, will engender growth prospects both nationally and internationally. We believe in technology - and the passion of people. By accelerating technological progress, a sustainable future may be ours maybe no later than next Monday.


We need to talk

We will not be able to do this alone. Dialogue is vital to us, and we want to invite the best experts from all sectors to come up with ideas together. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a public officer, plant engineer, farmer or a nutrition therapist - we need to talk.

Please familiarise yourself with this year’s iBEX projects and call us or tweet at us if your heart beats in the same rhythm with the following topics: