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VTT VISION: Bioeconomy – life in post-oil era



The bioeconomy is especially important for Finland. It already accounts for about EUR 60 billion of GDP, and a doubling of this amount by 2030 is considered possible. A successful bioeconomy requires a multidisciplinary approach, combining disciplines ranging from chemistry to design. As a cross-cutting approach it has an effect on the whole of society, linking food security and people s well-being to the sustainable use of raw materials and natural resources.​

The key enabler of the bioeconomy is chemistry. It is chemical processes that make it possible to create more sustainable products and to use biobased raw materials in place of fossil ones. There are three platforms that form the chemistry toolbox, namely, cell factories (an example of industrial biotechnology), thermochemical processing, and biochemical conversion. These very same technologies can be used in different industries. They connect previously separate industrial sectors in the pursuit of new, sustainable business opportunities and value chains.

VTT offers a unique combination of competence, technology and cutting-edge piloting facilities for an innovation ecosystem attracting industrial and other stakeholders from Finland and elsewhere to make the bioeconomy happen.