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Build your own IoT solution with VTT


VTT offers a flexible co-creation model to develop internet of things (IoT) applications. We can provide all the building blocks and expertise needed for creating commercially viable IoT applications and enabling new business models.

Providing a commercially successful IoT service requires understanding and expertise covering different fields of technologies. It is not just picking up a suitable wireless protocol, chipset and service topology from a broad selection available. It is important to cover the whole service chain from low-level sensor nodes and data processing to mobile applications and cloud services with well-planned security and privacy strategies. In addition to these technical aspects, it is crucial to know the existing business models and to actively search for new creative and disruptive solutions, not to forget involving the users and stakeholders in order to discover their feedback in all phases of the development process from ideas to prototypes – user involvement leads to better user acceptance and value for users.

For a company looking for an optimal IoT solution, VTT offers a co-creation model, in which we provide our family of wireless sensor nodes, application development toolchain and rapid prototyping expertise to quickly set-up customized IoT solutions. In just a few weeks we can build a functional prototype of an IoT system including customized sensor nodes with mesh networking capabilities, 3D-printed enclosures, mobile application and a cloud computing platform for data storage, processing and visualization. This iterative approach offers our customers a fast track for creating IoT applications, potential users' perceptions and getting hands-on experience of possible new business models and opportunities.

VTT applies IoT technologies to different domains, including e.g. building automation, health & wellness, transport & logistics, process automation, fleet management and industrial condition monitoring. A few examples of new IoT applications and concepts developed at VTT are given below.

Examples of application areas

VTT has developed IoT solutions for e.g. smart lighting systems and luminaires, a smart baby soother, and Smart Walker.  

In smart lighting systems, in addition to the actual lighting control, sensors can be used e.g. for occupancy and people flow monitoring or even as an IoT backbone for connecting additional sensors and as a service platform utilizing mesh networking and visible light communications.

In VTT's smart baby soother concept miniature sensors and a wireless communication module are built into a normal size soother. The soother can measure the suction intensity and rhythm, ambient temperature and the baby activity sending the measurement data in real-time to a mobile phone application for visualization and a cloud service for further analysis.

The smart Walker concept is based on retro-fit wireless sensors attached to the wheels and handles of the walker. They can measure the walking distance, speed and location, and monitor the physical state and condition like balance and hand pressing force. The walker can be used for fall detection and calling for help in emergency situations. Connected to a mobile device such as a tablet computer, a Smart Walker can display information motivating the user to find safe levels of physical activity.​


IoT 1_2.JPG 

Smart light bulb with mesh networking capabilities and an integrated occupancy sensor.

IoT 3.jpgIoT 4.jpg 

Smart baby soother                                                                                                 Smart walker