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Autonomous systems drive efficiency and safety


How are advances in robotics, intelligent systems and autonomy-related technologies influencing your organization’s strategy? 

Companies looking to stay ahead of the competition curve are steering towards autonomous systems, and finding efficiencies and better safety along the way. While future everyday driverless transport is not just behind the corner, in industry, autonomous solutions can already boost your business performance now.

How can your business make better use of automation?

Take your supply chain. Integrating autonomy into door-to-door product delivery journeys can create all kinds of logistical synergies. VTT can help by identifying where the savings are. What can be streamlined? And what technologies will be needed? 

Key technologies can include some of the following:

  • artificial intelligence
  • robust connectivity
  • cyber security
  • various sensor fusion solutions

Typically, in the first stage, automation helps operators with assisting safety functionalities in different parts of the value chain. Next step might be to automate some parts of your operations. Ultimately, the whole process can be made autonomous with the human operator remotely monitoring operations.

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Will robots render us redundant?

Bit by bit in the business of the future, operational control will be increasingly autonomous. Will robots therefore take our jobs? No, we don't think so. 

Autonomous systems will always need people to monitor, operate, and maintain them, which can often be done remotely. Obviously, human operators will prefer the comfort and safety of a remote control room to a cargo ship at sea or an underground mine shaft.

Future work should be safe, meaningful and motivating. New roles, tasks and tools for employees need to evolve. VTT’s strength is in combining the changing roles of people with technological opportunities. 

Our main approach is often simulation-based design and evaluation, steering the safety- and human-driven development, and keeping us on the right track from the start.

​​​Autonomous ships and port operations

Safe operating concept is the basis for your autonomy business. VTT helps you in the design and validation process and in building the actual connected navigational intelligence.

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​​​Autonomous cars and mass transport

VTT offers vehicle/sensor platforms for kick-starting your autonomy development.  Our cyber-security and simulation-based scenario building skills benefit your business even further.

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​​​​​Autonomous mobile machines

Our experts are ready to evaluate the techno-economic feasibility of your new autonomy concept to prove system safety and availability, and to help in acceptance processes.

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VTT can help you in developing operational concepts for drone swarms with augmented and virtual reality user interfaces and other advanced control methods.

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