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Optimise & economise with Smart City services

Smart City initiatives optimise the use of resources by enabling synergistic interactions between various functions and networks like transportation, healthcare and public safety. Smart Cities are not only more economical; they also deliver high levels of services for citizens and stakeholders alike.

VTT shares our international innovation ecosystem with municipalities and businesses to turn vision into optimal reality, maximising the impact of Smart City initiatives. Our structured, systematic process delivers long-term optimisation and sustainability.

The complete range of Smart City services

Cities are focal points for economic transformation. VTT helps decision makers to find new ways of sustaining high service levels for citizens and businesses.  We have innovative ways of connecting and improving core systems, from transportation to water to public safety, healthcare and operations.

VTT offers an open and modular interoperability environment for smart city solutions. Our areas of specialisation include Road Mapping, Public-Private Partnering, Innovative Procurement Processes, Strategy Updating, Life Cycle Management, Impact Assessment and Optimisation, Asset and Risk Management, Smart Mobility and Energy Efficiency.​

Engage VTT for Smart City transformation

VTT is an emerging forerunner in turning the Smart City vision into tangible results. We view the city as a system from both public and business perspectives.

​By providing interoperability services for all Smart City stakeholders, VTT increases the effectiveness and the overall size of the Smart City market. Please join us in discovering the Smart City initiatives that will transform your cities.

City ecosystems 

Better services, happier stakeholders

Does your strategy and offering meet evolving customer needs? Are you able to integrate network members' competencies in order to provide customer-specific solutions?
VTT brings a broader understanding of city ecosystems and supply chains to our customer's business development processes. We can help you discover new business opportunities and much more, including:

  • More systematic collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in situations
  • Developing new services in a modular manner
  • Discovering more sustainable ways of doing business over the entire lifecycle

VTT can help you to increase revenues and growth, create new business opportunities, and win over the commitment of all players.
VTT services range from acquiring useful customer and partner insight to business relationship building and thorough planning within a city ecosystem framework.


​​​Climate change adaptation

In order to evaluate adaption options, organisations need help from scientists. Robust Decision aid consists of a process and tools to select the most flexible and viable strategies for adaptation.

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​​​Risk assessment

In global business, a safe and reliable process, system and product life cycle is a competitive advantage. Secure your future with better risk management.

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