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Lifetime productivity and safety



Product, production line and infrastructure lifetime optimization hold great potential for cost savings and business continuity. The catalysts that will unleash this potential are emerging sustainable thinking, ICT-enabled digitalisation, and increasingly important industrial services. A renewed focus on core business shifts the responsibility for physical asset performance and even asset ownership to agile service providers that can offer cost-effective and easy-to-use services.

Technology-based asset management optimisation

VTT is the agent of change for a growing number of enterprises looking to create and implement new value partnerships and networks for global asset management. We offer an extensive set of lifetime optimisation models, decision support tools, enabling technologies, validation environments and more, complemented by our capacity to understand different application domains and by our co-creative, collaborative approach.

Engage VTT for asset management know-how

VTT's offering covers every level of asset management – from enterprise level market-driven asset strategy through plant/site level risk-based maintenance strategy planning, to critical asset level design and the implementation of true condition-based maintenance solutions that maximise effective uptime.


Asset management strategy planning and optimisation

 VTT helps clients develop methods, models and processes for sustainable, systematic asset management. Intelligent asset management supports long-term production asset planning and provides a structured approach to balancing costs, risks and benefits over different time horizons. It can also prolong the economic life of an asset, since efficient reuse and recycling practices can draw value from assets beyond end-of-life.

A holistic approach to asset management

At VTT we take a holistic approach to asset management development, tackling strategic decisions like mergers and acquisitions, modernisation investments and outsourcing, and operational decisions like developing and applying optimal maintenance, setting key performance indicators, and implementing information integration for business networks.
VTT's asset management customers come from capital-intensive industries: machinery manufacturers, fleet O&M service providers, and the infrastructure sector. The special expertise we bring to bear on their businesses includes techno-economic models for evaluation of investment options, value-driven maintenance planning, reliability-centred maintenance (RCM), cost-benefit analysis (CBA), life cycle cost (LCC) and profit (LCP) modelling, as well as asset risk and safety management strategies.

Leverage VTT asset management expertise to optimise your business

VTT is a forerunner in technology development. We offer you tailored solutions that combine technical competence with sophisticated economic modeling. Product or production lifetime asset optimisation calls for a deep understanding of the business environment, economic constraints, as well as relevant technical issues like degradation, wear and corrosion. We support your decision-making, ensuring business resilience and seamless production in a predictable cost environment.

Condition based maintenance - CBM

​Safeguard production, cut costs with condition-based maintenance

VTT develops the technologies and tools required for condition-based maintenance (CBM), a methodology that addresses the challenges of globalisation and networked production chains by guaranteeing reliability and availability throughout component and whole chain lifecycle. The tools we use include intelligent monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics solutions.
Condition-based maintenance is the only way to safeguard uptime by guaranteeing a certain level of availability or overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). When machinery and systems are maintained or upgraded only when they reach a threshold of wear or effectiveness, rather than on a timetable, you not only guard against downtime, but also save costs through increased service life.

Predict issues before they arise

Reliable maintenance requirement predictions are essential to maximising uptime and service life. CBM is made possible when a state of deterioration is detected. VTT offers advanced condition monitoring techniques, prognostics and a deep understanding of the development and causes of failures.

Engage VTT for cost savings and increased OEE

VTT actively develops intelligent monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics solutions for the manufacturing, mobile machinery, process and energy production industries. Our solutions help you to add reliability and cost savings to your equipment maintenance programs.


​​​Ships and offshore structures

VTT provides extensive know-how and innovative solutions in maritime technology.
Our research covers maritime applications designed for open seas and arctic conditions.

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​​​Friction, wear and lubrication

​Controlled friction and wear provides improved equipment performance and savings in energy and materials. The lifetime of equipment can be extended while eliminating unexpected damage and downtime.

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 Efficient traffic routes with lifetime information management

Reduce roadway costs with science-based engineering

The best way to meet the mounting challenges of maintaining roadways is with sustainable, cost-effective management practices and new, efficient operating models. VTT offers customers more than just advice and consultation.

VTT: your key to unlocking new markets

VTT develops practical solutions based on new sensor technologies, IT systems, infra built environment information modeling (InfraBIM), science-based engineering and extensive materials performance testing. We operate internationally, leveraging top expertise and cross-border technologies. This enables us to respond decisively to new challenges and to assist our clients to succeed in international markets.

Leverage BIM-based purchasing for success

Climate change, the increasing scarcity of natural resources and low-cost materials, as well as more aggressive public sector productivity improvement targets, are all new realities. Together they compel us to find ways of reducing infrastructure costs. At the same time, building and maintaining reliable, safe roadways and traffic systems is both a public safety and a corporate imperative.

​The infrastructure leaders of tomorrow will find success in both cost reduction and safety by leveraging BIM-based purchasing both for new construction and maintenance and repair activities. If you would like to explore your options, VTT is at your service.


Lifetime risk management and system availability

A scientific approach to optimising risk management

The focus on risk management in all phases of asset, product or service lifecycles is growing. There are many reasons for this, such as the increasing uncertainty caused by rapid changes in the business environment, and rising demands for product safety and reliability. Today's systems are closely tied to critical infrastructure. Consequently, as production system complexity increases, so does corporate vulnerability. In a world where outsourcing and service providers shape the operational environment, effective risk management is a must.

Support lifetime safety and reliability

VTT develops methods of supporting the lifetime safety and reliability of production and infrastructure systems and machinery. In the global business world, safe and reliable processes and predictable product lifecycles constitute a competitive advantage. They ensure business continuity, reduce lifecycle costs and increase customer satisfaction.
VTT analyses safety, security, reliability and socio-technical risks in an integrated manner to support decision-making throughout product or system lifecycles. Our particular expertise focuses on system safety and dependability management (RAMS-process), safety and security management, engineered system reliability and availability performance management, process and chemical safety, and environmental risk management. These applications cover a wide range of infrastructure, industrial and logistics risk management assignments across business verticals.

Cut risk, create value with VTT

VTT has significant experience in developing risk, reliability and safety analysis methods and in applying those methods to clients' risk and safety management processes. As a technical institute, our technology development and methodologies are constantly evolving, keeping us on the cutting edge. VTT risk management models in the field of safety, security, reliability and socio-technical risks are second to none.
VTT works on risk and reliability development together with global machinery manufacturers and Finnish process industries. We create value by reducing the risks to people, the environment and hard assets. If you would like to explore risk management optimisation, we are at your service.


​​​VTT ProperScan

VTT ProperScan®​ provides expert help as well as experimental and numerical analysis tools  and services to increase lifetime of material structures in process industry components and machine systems. 

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Materials and manufacturing

We are experts on materials and manufacturing in the field of metals, ceramics and composites. We have strong background on application areas where wear, corrosion, high temperature resistance and extreme performance are in essential role.

We focus on:

  • Multi-scale modelling assisted design and development of materials and processes to speed up troubleshooting and R&D process of new products
  • Design and tailoring of material composition to meet enhanced performance and sustainability demands of your product
  • 3D metal printing and emerging manufacturing technologies for high performance components and products
  • Performance and life time optimization of components in the process and power sector to increase productivity and safety

    Our development activities are targeting to realization of efficient performance, profitable operation, optimised cost per production and sustainable and reliable production. Material and manufacturing technologies together with application know-how offer multidisciplinary approach to develop future breakthrough products in wide variety of industrial sectors; Energy, Machinery, Transportation.


​​​VTT ProperTune

VTT ProperTune® is an advanced computational modelling-based m​aterial design methodology. ProperTune optimises material design, replacing expensive, time consuming testing and shortening time-to-market for new products by an average of 50%.

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​​​​VTT ProperScan

VTT ProperScan®​ service is based on gathered 500 person-years of combined scientific and practical experience on materials performance, manufacturing procedures and degradation in operation conditions.

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​​​Powder Piloting Services

We are material experts specialized on powder based materials. We offer services from early stage feasibility studies and market surveys to pilot scale production of materials and demonstration components.

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​​​3D printing

Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D Printing is part of the digital revolution. It is changing the structure of the manufacturing industry and the way it is operating, especially in countries, where the competitiveness rests on high-end products and short series.

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​​​Defect tolerant fatigue design

The Defect tolerant fatigue design tools developed by VTT provide means for analyzing the material and manufacturing defects. Welds, castings, forgings and additive manufacturing components and materials can be studied by the tools.

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VTT offers its customers profound knowledge on tribology (friction, wear and lubrication), top-level testing equipment, a computer modelling approach and international networking opportunities.

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VTT holds strong expertise on corrosion phenomena and prevention in a wide variety of applications and environments. We offer our customers high-quality knowledge and facilities for corrosion research, monitoring, modelling and prevention methods.

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​​​Infrastructure solutions

Our integration of advanced geotechnical and structural engineering research, innovative material solutions for infrastructure, and multi-scale monitoring and modelling technologies delivers reliable knowledge for planning and conducting infrastructure management throughout lifecycles.

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 Industrial IoT

From asset information to beneficial business intelligence

Industrial IoT research team has its roots deeply in the challenging industrial wireless measurements. However, nowadays we manage the IoT information chain from the physical phenomenon to the cloud application. We use our expertise and our reference technology with the multi-disciplinary VTT expert network to tackle demanding needs of our customers. We find an artefact in your process and convert it to the meaningful information to support your business. Read more about Industrial IoT


Energy efficient embedded systems

Technologies ​for low life-cycle cost and high efficiency

We provide building blocks and expertise needed for creating new business opportunities through industrial energy efficient embedded systems. Our offering is focused on demanding networked measurements, data integration and analysis. We apply our solutions in different domains including building automation, industrial automation and machine & vehicle automation. Read more about energy efficient embedded systems.


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​​We are your R&D partner from feasibility review up to total revolution. With us you have access to state-of-art multidisciplinary know-how and facilities. Together we can develop your product to fulfil the highest customer and technical demands.

We are offering

  • Technology and market surveys
        • Foresight & business landscape
  • Ideas and feasibility studies 
        • Creativity workshops combined with engineering reality
  • Networks and value chains
        • Co-creation with right partners
  • Design of materials and processing
        • Harder, stronger, more economical, more ecological
  • Emerging manufacturing technologies
        • Additive manufacturing
  • Performance testing and life time evaluation
        • Mechanical properties, corrosion, wear, extreme conditions
  • Pilot scale processing and demonstrations



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