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VTT ProperScan® to avoid production losses at extreme conditions


VTT ProperScan® provides proactive tools and services to avoid production losses at extreme conditions


VTT ProperScan® service ensures uninterrupted and economical operation over your whole system lifecycle. We provide accurate action plan just in time to prevent production losses. Our expertise and research facilities cover the processes at temperatures up to 1500 °C.


VTT ProperScan® offers services for uninterrupted operation

​​VTT ProperScan® service is based on gathered over 500 person-years of combined scientific and practical experience on materials performancea and degradation in operation conditions, manufacturing procedures, risk management and data-analysis for operation and maintenance.


VTT ProperScan® enables you to define the current status of your plant or its single components. Due to extreme conditions the phenomena such as corrosion, erosion or wear may cause failures that can be difficult to predict. ProperScan® helps to predict how to react to the changes in operational environment and how the risks can be monitored and controlled. With the help of ProperScan® service, you gain information on e.g. how long the plant can be operated with present parameters and when to perform the needed repairs in the plant. ​ 


VTT ProperScan® service provides:


The new material solutions can be introduced to extend lifetime of the components after understanding the failure mechanism. For material validation we offer testing, corrosion management and evaluation of mechanical behaviour at low, ambient and elevated temperatures. We can also do lifetime estimation of the components based on characterisation of microstructural changes, understanding degradation mechanisms, lab or on-site testing, analytical and numerical modelling of material data. Thus, we are able to determine reliable remaining life or time to next service inspection. To understand and solve failures at component level it requires root cause analysis of initial design, process and inspection data, metallographic analysis and materials testing. Before applying new materials into components in real plants the performance of new materials need to be validated.

For uninterrupted and safe operation we offer risk based inspection, profiling and selection of best operating practices. We can define the most critical components and their locations in the system, which enables accurate timing and targeting of in-service inspections and maintenance. With help of data analytics it is possible to perform use and load profiling which summarizes machine operation, ensuring that current and future situations are comparable and forming a solid basis for all fleet examinations. In addition, data analytics enables to increase efficiency and reliability of the operation of the machines and processes. Data acquisition must be well defined to achieve correct analysis results.

Semi-analytical methods, algorithms and calculations can reduce economical risks at system level. We offer scalable criticality audit to support decision making in multiple levels for reliability, maintenance and investments. By utilizing the streamlined Value-Driven Maintenance Planning approach we can review the current maintenance programs and develop new cost-efficient maintenance programs that better support the realization of the company’s strategic objectives. With scenario tool we are able to provide information about risks and economical effects of competing development actions that are needed to achieve company's strategic objectives.


Facilities for material research at extreme conditions

VTT has several world class research facilities to do research on material performance including mechanical and fracture testing, exposure testing in hot gas environment, water chemistry and electrochemical corrosion research, tribocorrosion testing, mechanical testing in simulated coolant environments, mechanical testing of activated materials and materials characterisation. We also have decision support tools, such as ReliaSoft (reliability engineering, modelling and analysis software) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) calculation tools.

VTT ProperScan® offers services for uninterrupted operation 


​​​Material research

The research facility provides extremely broad coverage of different areas of material testing. The Research Hall houses autoclave laboratories, a non-destructive testing laboratory, a creep laboratory, a hot corrosion laboratory, and fatigue-testing equipment. 

​ ​​​


VTT holds strong expertise on corrosion phenomena and prevention in a wide variety of applications and environments. We offer our customers high-quality knowledge and facilities for corrosion research, monitoring, modelling and prevention methods.


 VTT offers its customers profound knowledge on tribology (friction, wear and lubrication), top-level testing equipment, a computer modelling approach and international networking opportunities.

​ ​​​


Examples of ProperScan® references



 For more references please look at REFERENCES.


​​We offer services for energy, process and aviation industries: 

 VTT ProperScan® service ensures uninterrupted and economical operation over your whole system lifecycle. We provide accurate action plan just in time to prevent production losses. Our expertise and research facilities cover the processes at temperatures up to 1500 °C.

For overall equipment effeciency we offer

  • Root cause analysis
  • Lifetime assessment
  • Risk management
  • Data analysis
  • Modelling


Energy industry

  • Operation condition monitoring, lifetime assessments and risk based inspections (RBI)
  • Support for optimization of inspections and maintenance
  • Impact assessment of changes in operation conditions
  • Root cause analysis of failures and disturbances
  • Value driven maintenance planning




Process industry

  • Solutions for corrosion and biocorrosion control
  • Efficient simulation of industrial processes
  • Monitoring of biocorrosion by sophisticated electrochemical methods
  • Material solutions against tribocorrosion
  • Upgrading investment planning




Aviation industry

  • Creep and fatigue studies
  • Life assessment of turbine blades









BALTICA conference

A series of Baltica conferences concentrating on power plant maintenance and life management have been organised initiating from the 1980’s. The latest Baltica X was organised in June 2016. The Proceedings of the Baltica X conference are available: International Conference on Life Management and Maintenance for Power Plants.
Next BALTICA conference will take place in 2019.





VTT ProperScan® is based on high-class scientific knowhow. Some highlights of our recent publications are listed below. A more extensive list of journal and conference articles is in the publication list.


Link to VTT ProperScan Publication list

 VTT ProperScan® service references:

Current condition & event evaluation


Risk & criticality analysis

  • Valio Oy, Risk analysis of the Valio Haapavesi cheese manufacturing line to maintain the performance availability level
  • Elcon Solutions Oy, Lifecycle cost tool
  • Metso Minerals Oy, Cost per performance model
  • Kalmar RTG upgrade


Risk based inspection & condition monitoring


Remaining life & repair scheduling



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