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Future technologies and systems for renewable energy


​​Decarbonisation and energy security concerns are increasingly important issues for the energy industry. They are contributing to an urgent need to develop and commercialise new, renewable technologies as quickly as possible. 

​From new technology R&D to commercialisation

Developing efficient, reliable production technology is a precursor to commercialisation. New techniques often require new sensors, meters, automated components and ICT solutions. Completely new materials are sometimes needed to suit harsher conditions. Novel service and/or business concepts may also be required to meet customer needs.

VTT conducts the research, develops the technology and aids in the commercialisation of novel technologies and systems, solutions and business concepts. We have decades of experience in piloting new technologies. Our multidisciplinary expertise and global research, development and commercialisation networks help speed our customers’ solutions to market.

Enabling technologies for future energy systems

In addition to multidisciplinary acumen accumulated over the course of decades, VTT has state-of-the-art piloting facilities and tools for the development of:

1. New energy production technologies (​wind power, fuel cells, hybrid solar systems, etc.)
2. Smart sensors, meters and systems 
3. New materials for use with novel technologies 

Choose VTT for future technology and system development

Finland is in the TOP 10 of the Energy Trilemma Index, the gold standard of country performance in delivering sustainable energy systems. 

VTT is the key service supplier to the Finnish energy market, providing services for ministries and power authorities, energy companies and energy-intensive industries, cities and municipalities. We also provide services to both global and SME technology and service companies.

 If you are moving towards the future of energy production, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Tel. +358 20 722 7070
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UTC +3 time zone