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Digitalisation has been identified as one of the major trends changing the society and business. The current trends of digitalisation change the environment where companies operate. The adoption of digital technologies in the organization or in the operation environment of the organization is called digital transformation. It refers to changes at several levels, process, organization, business domain, and society.

Companies need to adopt new technologies and innovate new business models. It is strategy that is driving digital transformation but technologies make it happen. VTT helps clients with solutions where these two perspectives are combined.

​Digital transformation model

  • A structured and tailored process for shifting your organization to new ways of working and thinking.
  • Tested tools and methods for strategy building, grounded in sound research.
  • Use of digital, social, mobile, and emerging technologies that take the strategy into practice.


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​​​The Industrial Internet in Finland: on route to success? 

VTT Publication 278

(eds.) Tihinen & Kääriäinen, 2016

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​​​Industrial internet barometer 2016

Industrial Internet -barometer  2016 in Finland was organised by VTT, University of Oulu and Tivi.

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​​​Uusia digituotteita ja -palveluja markkinoille teollisen internetin avulla

VTT Press release (in Finnish) (19.12.2016)

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​​​Digitalizing Industrial Services

Industrial automation service market requires digital tools and customer tailoring in addition to high quality and timely relevant services.

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​​​Digitalized collaboration processes in manufacturing industries

Digitalization aims to achieve production-related advantages by creating a networked, flexible, and dynamically self-organizing collaboration processes for highly customizable products and services.

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​​​Life-cycle Management of Open Source Software in Public Sector

Life-cycle management is needed in order to achieve the full benefits of open collaboration in public sector. (in Finnish)

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​​​Digital Maternity Package Concept

The digital maternity package concept is designed to collect reliable health information into a single user interface from various smart devices, electronic services and guides. The concept is aimed at making everyday life easier for families.

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​​​Co-creative Prototyping

VTT’s co-creative prototyping process transforms ideas into functional prototypes. A case study of the method is presented where IoT is applied to enhance the independent living for seniors.

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​​​Interactive Biodegradable Flower Pot

The potential of biodegradable sensing tools is demonstrated with a flower pot with a built-in moisture sensor. The pot is made of biodegradable materials and a moisture sensor is embedded in the soil.




Get some flexibility and evolvability for your set of digital services!​

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Discover Continuous Insight and Experimentation of Future Opportunities

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Rapid Exploratory Analytics for Event-Based Data ​
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