Risk management

Ensuring business profitability by managing risks


​​Business environment is in constant change. Our aim is to mitigate safety, environmental and business risks and to produce information and knowledge for improved risk management. ​​High quality risk management has positive effects on profitability, enables rapid introduction of new techonologies and new products and ​ensures supply security. Risk management methods provide tools for improving productivity and reducing amount of waste and emissions. The flip side of risk is often a new innovative solution or new business opportunity.

Strong support for risk conscious decision-making​

Our experts develop methods that support risk management of a produt, product line, company, supply chain or an entire business ecosystem. ​We implement risk assessment integrated with customer's objectives and needs taking into account different internal and external risk factors. Combining safety, ​reliability, socio technical and business risk assesment supports customer's decision-making throughout operation and product and service lifecycle.

Developing risk management together with international partners​

VTT creates added value for ​customers with its multidisciplinary, independent and internationally networked research organisation. We have long experience of developing risk, reliability and safety analysis methods and their application to customers' needs and integration into management systems. We develop our compenteces constantly in collaboration with companies and research organisations operating in global markets.

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​​​Risk analysis

Depending on the nature of the operations risks can ​be related to personnel, environmental, or process safety, or business continuity. Identifying, analysing and evaluating risks is the basis for successful risk management.

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​​​VTT ValueWise for better decisions

VTT ValueWise offers robust and transparent assessment and visualisation of lifetime costs, benefits and risks of decision options.

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