Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)


Atomic Layer Deposition ALD


Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) has a long history in VTT. We have been developing various thin film processes and materials since the 1970’s. We have expertise for example in diffusion barrier coatings for packaging materials, coatings for microelectronics, biomaterial applications and catalysis. Our main interest is in research and development of novel thin film materials, as well as putting into practise orders from the customers. We are producing for example shielding coatings, various functional coatings (catalysis, energy conversion, etc.) and transparent and reflective coatings for optical applications.

With atomic layer deposition it is possible to produce conformal, pinhole free coatings with accurate thickness on large areas. ALD is a good solution to generate materials and coatings that cannot be prepared by other coating techniques, like chemical vapour deposition (CVD), impregnation or sol-gel-technique. Please, contact us if you think ALD could be the solution for your problems!

Besides our catalyst technologies unit, VTT has excellence in ALD in Microsystems and Nanoelectronics group in Micronova (link below). Together we cover a vast area of ALD processes for multiple materials and applications.


Micronova Nanofabrication Cleanroom




​We are using a PicosunTM R-200 ALD reactor. With R-200 we can produce various materials by thermochemical ALD processes, in semi-clean room environment. Besides single wafers and batches of smooth and even surfaces, we can coat membranes, objects, porous materials, powders and particles. We have flexibility in both ALD and MLD (molecular layer deposition) processes. 

Technical details for PicosunTM R-200

​Temperature range:

Maximum diameter for the substrate:

Precursor sources: 

Ozone generator
Stop-flow and powder coating possibility

​50-500 °C

200 mm, single batch. Batch for 15 pcs 150 mm wafers

2 liquid sources + 2 bakeable sources (200 + 300°C)


Example cases

​ALD in catalysis

Benefits of preparing catalysts by ALD: accurately controlled growth, high dispersion, narrow particle size distribution.

Benefits of over-coating the catalyst with ALD: diminish or prevent sintering, fouling, leaching and poisoning

In total: better activity and selectivity, better thermal and chemical stability.


ALD and Catalysis research Poster.pdf



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