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InnoLeap - Take an innovative leap into the future




​What is InnoLeap?

To succeed and grow in the competitive markets of today, your company needs to create fresh business opportunities for itself. One way to create these opportunities is to develop future-oriented and innovative product concepts, and visualize them in an engaging way for customers, media, and other stakeholders. This can be done with VTT's new InnoLeap concept design approach, which is based on trend and user studies, co-innovation, scenario stories, and visualizations. The module structure of InnoLeap makes it possible for you to choose the services that best fit your needs. With our experience and solid research methods, we can provide the springboard for your products to take an innovative leap!

Concepts developed with VTT's InnoLeap approach will

  • be built on in-depth understanding of users and their activity,
  • demonstrate the concrete benefits of the proposed solutions for users, and provide a "wow" experience for all stakeholders. 

With the support of VTT's InnoLeap, your company will be able to

  • create buzz in the media around the concepts,
  • create new business opportunities by the market demand built with the concepts,
  • improve its brand image as an innovative company, and
  • ultimately become a forerunner in your industry.

After a collaboration project with us, it is also possible for you to integrate parts of the InnoLeap approach into your company's product development processes. The results of an InnoLeap project with VTT will inspire your company and its stakeholders to adopt a new design mindset and working methods to become more innovative!

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Are you ready to take a leap with your business?

Trend insight​ MODULE 1: TREND INSIGHT

Understanding future trends helps in creating the products of the future. Specifically, we make a review for example on:

  • Technology trends, describing the future technologies that have the most potential for your industry's products.
  • Interaction trends, describing future human-technology interaction methods that are relevant in revolutionizing the way your products are used.
  • Societal trends, describing the future challenges for your industry that you need to tackle with your products.
  • Trending theoretical ideas related to your product's context of use; what does current scientific knowledge say about what is important for your users? 

Outcome: Summary of the most important trends and theories related to your future products.

Analysis of user activity MODULE 2: ANALYSIS OF USER ACTIVITY 

To go deep into discovering the desired future experience of your product, we will carry out:

  • ​​​Field studies of your chosen product's users and their activity with the product.
  • A Core-task analysis, helping to distinguish the basic demands and aims of your product's user activity.
  • User experience goal setting, providing empathic understanding of the users of your product.
  • Reconceptualizing and storifying, including the creation of scenarios and personas to communicate the findings in a way that inspires new design ideas. ​

Outcome: Inspiration and empathic understanding of the product's users. The aim is to reach beyond direct transfer of users' ideas into product solutions. We can do this with suitable scientific theories that provide the basis for an innovative leap through different abstraction and concretization mechanisms of user data.

Draft operation concepts MODULE 3: DRAFT OPERATION CONCEPTS 

​We generate the initial concept ideas collaboratively with relevant stakeholders in:
  • Interaction method and future studies workshops, where the most interesting methods and trends from module 1 are gone through to provide inspiration.
  • Concept development workshops, where various new concept ideas are generated based on the understanding drawn from modules 1 and 2. The result is several possible new concepts of operation that describe novel ways of achieving your product's users' aims with new technologies. The produced concepts can be communicated with scenario stories, lo-fi sketches, and physical mock-ups. 

Outcome: Description of innovative operational concept ideas. 

It is important to evaluate the potential of the initial concept ideas with actual users, for example with:
  • Focus group interviews, useful for recognizing the weaknesses and strengths, as well as the potential "wow" effect of the new design ideas, for choosing the best concepts for further development.
  • In-depth expert interviews, useful for enhancing the chosen ideas and ensuring that they work in the actual context of use. ​

Outcome: Description of the evaluation feedback and best concepts chosen for further development.

Creating final concepts MODULE 5: CREATING FINAL CONCEPTS

Voilà! After evaluating the concept ideas (in module 4), we can create the final operational concepts. These concepts describe our vision of the future work with the proposed technical solutions. This acts as a solid ground for the production of potential visualizations in module 6.

Outcome: Final concepts of operation.


We can produce impressive visualizations of the final operational concepts. The possibilities include engaging concept pictures, 3D prints, and top-notch 3D-animated concept videos. Concept pictures and videos are influential means of communicating the design ideas, especially in today's digital media.

Outcome: Impressive visualizations of the concepts.

Concept release and media buzz ​MODULE 7: CONCEPT RELEASE AND MEDIA BUZZ

The concepts don't sell by themselves! The concepts can be released to the media together with VTT. Our status as a recognized research institute and our professional media services facilitate access to the mainstream media. Media buzz, in turn, ramps up the demand for the proposed products and improves your company's brand image. Following the dissemination of the concepts in the media allows evaluation of their impact and gathering of feedback from potential users and customers: for example, discussion in social media can bring forward new ideas or enhancements for the proposed concepts.

Outcome: Media events, press release, a buzz about the concepts in traditional and social media, and feedback on the concepts for further development.

 See also press release related to InnoLeap reference case for Rolls-Royce


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