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Enrichment and fractionation for food ingredients

Novel plant-based proteins and natural dietary fibre ingredients

​Enrichment, fractionation and modification of food ingredients is focused at VTT on novel plant-based proteins and natural dietary fibre ingredients.

Our feasible and simple process concepts combine mechanical and bioprocessing, such as germination, steps so as to obtain protein and fibre ingredients with excellent technological, sensory and nutritional properties.

Are you a producer of future ingredients today?

Oat services Ltd., was able to optimise their grinding process and to deliver higher quality products with the help of VTT in fine-grinding and particle size analysis of an oat-based ingredient (Cark Maunsell, CEO, Oat Services Ltd., UK).

New plant based ingredients

In the area of new ingredients and their application in food products, our work has focused on fractionation and bioprocessing technologies for cereals, berries as well as for food industry by-products. Our core competence combines the bioprocessing tools into mechanical steps, e.g. microbial fermentation or the use of extruder as a bioreactor.

We specialise in dry fractionation technologies based on grinding and air classification. Without the need to add and vaporise water, these methods provide considerable cost savings over traditional wet processes. Examples of dry fractionated ingredients are beta-glucan and protein concentrates from oats. We also have experience in the enrichment of bioactive compounds from berries. OATPRO-project.pdf

VTT infrastructure for development of food ingredients

We have state-of-the-art equipment for dry and wet grinding (e.g. stone mill, ultra-fine mill), dry fractionation (e.g. air classifier), thermo-mechanical processing (e.g. extruder, high-pressure processing) and for drying (e.g. fluidised bed dryer).

We have an extensive network with other research centres (e.g. MTT, INRA, DIL, TNO, IGV and Nofima) and universities as well as with equipment manufacturers (e.g. Hosokawa Alpine, Clextral, Masuko and Görgens). VTT is also a founder member and very active in the European-wide HealthGrain Forum association (Kaisa Poutanen acts as a vice chair and Juhani Sibakov as secretary).

Recently we have collaborated with milling and baking, brewing and malting as well as with dairy industries.

Our services are also applicable to other bioprocessing industries, e.g. for the pre-treatment of raw materials prior to the production of animal feed, biofuels or cosmetics.

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Tel. +358 20 722 7070
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