VTT Cyberlab reliably spots security vulnerabilities


VTT is committed to improving the capacity of enterprises and organisations to respond to the rising level of cyberthreats. For this purpose, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd recently set up the Cyber War Room, where cybersecurity testing can be performed in a controlled environment, reliably and confidentially.

The VTT Cyber War Room includes a mini-Internet simulation environment that is completely isolated from all other telecommunications and where the devices or software being tested can be subjected to highly realistic cyber-attacks in a controlled way.

Because the laboratory is completely isolated, a wide range of attacks can be tried to test the performance of various systems. The Cyber War Room enables the conducting of attacks aimed at seizing systems, implementation of typical hacker attack strategies and botnet attacks. Monitoring effective attacks and developing tools for cyber situational awareness are also important functions of the Cyber War Room.

Cyberlaboratory improves security

In many organisations, the security level of information networks and critical technical systems is far too weak. VTT aims at improving this by utilizing the cyberlab setup more widely. Previously, the security level could only be estimated, because it was difficult to carry out a comprehensive security test on actual systems.

The VTT cybersecurity team is the largest independent research group in this field in Finland. The team's expertise on attacks and defence is being continuously improved and enhanced strategically. An appropriately managed cyberattack capability is an important emerging area of expertise for cybersecurity professionals, as its purpose is to ensure that the best possible means can be used to defend against malicious cyber activities.

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