Solar power is suited for the energy use of sports halls

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland studied the energy consumption of indoor swimming pools and practice indoor ice rinks, and use of solar power in them. It is possible to cover 30% per cent of the energy need of such sites with solar power.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation awards VTT for a bio-based packaging solution that reduces the use of plastics

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation awarded VTT for a packaging solution made of cellulose in Davos on 23 January 2018. VTT is one of the five prize winners, between whom the foundation splits a one-million-dollar prize in equal shares.

Heavy traffic to produce slipperiness data for road users

A new Finnish invention for detecting black ice, launched last year, has been taken into use. A

Smart Rollator Motivates Elderly to Exercise more

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Orton are exploring the benefits and impacts of technology in motivating seniors to increase physical activity.

Alternatives to toxic phenol compounds used in glues are being developed from softwood tannins

Finnish softwood bark contains large amounts of water-soluble tannin-polyphenols, which can be used as renewable alternatives to the fossil and toxic phenol compounds widely used in glues.

Nuclear power plants must be able to withstand fires caused by aircraft impacts

In his dissertation, Topi Sikanen, a Master of Science (Technology) and Research Scientist at VTT, examined the transport, evaporation and combustion of liquids in large-scale fire incidents.

The EU countries should be able to decide themselves whether they allow cultivation of GM crops

The cultivation of genetically modified crops has long been a contentious issue in the European Union. Now a group of biotech specialists and legal experts propose a mechanism to take the political edge out of the authorization process.

Using Big Data for sustainable agriculture, forestry and fishery

As part of an international consortium, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing new solutions for the responsible and sustainable use of the resources of agriculture, forestry and fishery.

European Commission has granted VTT HR Excellence in Research award

The award reflects our commitment to continuously improve human resource policies in line with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

New biomaterials can solve the challenges of sustainable development

Wood cellulose has the potential to be a future super material that can replace fossil raw materials such as plastic and man-made fibers or even cotton.

EVP Petri Kalliokoski to leave VTT for an outside company, Tua Huomo to start as EVP of Knowledge Intensive Products and Services

Petri Kalliokoski, EVP, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services, will leave VTT and start as the CEO of High Metal Oy. Tua Huomo, present VP, Data-driven solutions, was nominated EVP, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services starting Jan. 15, 2018.

The first automated led foil production in the world starts in Finland

Flexbright that produces exceptional lighting solutions has built a totally new production line in Finland. The unique hybrid LED-lighting foil technology is now one of the fastest growing applications based on the VTT developed printed electronics.

VTT to sell its testing, inspection and certification operations to Eurofins Scientific Group

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd has entered into a binding agreement to sell its wholly owned subsidiaries VTT Expert Services Ltd and Labtium Oy to Eurofins Scientific Group.

Specim’s hyperspectral camera detects counterfeit medicine and traces of blood

Specim Oy, a VTT spin-off, has developed the world's first mobile hyperspectral camera for the fast, high-level analysis of a range of samples.

Kenneth Holmberg, a friction researcher at VTT, wins the highest international award in the field

The Tribology Trust will present VTT Professor Kenneth Holmberg with the most highly prized award in the field, the Tribology Gold Medal Award, for his long-standing, major achievements in material and friction research.

Martti, developed for adverse weather conditions, is the first Finnish robot car to challenge snow and ice

Martti, the robot car developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, is the first automated car to have driven fully autonomously on a real snow-covered road.

Health changes can be reliably predicted by monitoring the activity level and rhythms of older people

Research Scientist Juho Merilahti of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has studied the measurement of physical functioning in older adults, based on logging their physical activity when predicting changes in their state of health.

VTT and the City of Nokia are planning plastic recycling in the ECO3 business park in Nokia

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the City of Nokia aim to develop a new type of plastic recycling concept in the ECO3 business park for the bio and circular economy in Nokia.

VTT develops device for the simultaneous measurement of several gases reducing indoor air quality

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd has developed a real-time and reliable device that can be used to measure ammonia and formaldehyde concentrations particularly in indoor air simultaneously, unlike with the meters currently in use.

Doctoral thesis: Characterisation of lignocellulose components by analytical pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry

VTT’s Research Scientist Taina Ohra-aho presents her thesis in the field of bioproduct technology at the Aalto University on 20th December, 2017.


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