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VTT-led European project aims for a healthier environment

VTT is coordinating an European project called ESTABLISH, which aims to provide a healthier and safer environment thereby improving the quality of life. The project includes a pilot experiment in Finland, which will be carried out in schools.

Defence of dissertation in the field of systems and operations research

​VTT's Research Scientist, M.Sc.(Tech.), Tero Tyrväinen will defend the dissertation "Theoretical and Methodological Extensions to Dynamic Reliability Analysis".

IEA Wind TCP 2016 Annual Report published

​IEA Wind TCP 2016 Annual Report has been published. Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT was responsible for Finland's share and executive summary.

VTT upgrades pilot environment for 3D printing of metals: powders a step towards the future of product development

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s new plasma equipment accelerates industrial production processes and the creation of new products. The entire production chain, from raw materials to product, has been accelerated and streamlined.

Automated driving testing on European roads: Research project L3Pilot kicks off

Europe’s automotive industry has joined forces with research institutions and other stakeholders to test and evaluate automated in-vehicle technologies in real traffic in eleven European countries, including cross-border driving.

VTT and Lithuanian State Enterprise Ignalina NPP strengthen cooperation

The Memorandum of Understanding supports developing business and research cooperation, as well as promoting joint solutions and services in the fields of nuclear facilities decommissioning and radioactive waste management to international market.

KeepLoop mobile microscope actively used as teaching aid

A mobile microscope developed by VTT and commercialised by KeepLoop has been in active use at the Kämmenniemi School in Tampere.

Fabric made from VTT's recycled fibre feels half way between cotton and viscose

The method develop at VTT involves dissolving worn and discarded cotton and using it as a raw material for new fibre. The first product models demonstrate that recycled fibre can be transformed into a yarn and pleasant fabric.

VTT has developed a device for measuring inflammation value at home, for use by consumers and professionals

VTT has developed a portable device for measuring inflammation levels quickly in home environment.

Anneli Auranen and Heta Kupsala win VTT cellulose material design contest

On 13 September 2017, the first prize in VTT's Design the Cellulose Hackathon competition was presented to Anneli Auranen and Heta Kupsala's team, for creating a backpack from biomaterials.

Finnish smart clothing picks a new career path

The Smart Clothing 2.0 project led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd creates business opportunities for Finnish smart clothing and services.

VTT is developing 3D-printing materials for wound care and decorative elements

Cellulose nanofibrils have properties that can improve the characteristics of bio-based 3D-printing pastes. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing a 3D wound care product for monitoring wound condition in hospital care.

WIVE project uses 5G to increase the business value

Nokia Bell Labs driven industry group and several academics make it possible for new types of industries to gain competitive advantage from the latest wireless technologies, especially 5G.

Finnish mobile device for detecting arrhythmia soon available for consumers

The VTT spin-off, VitalSignum, is making a small mobile device – which detects arrhythmia by measuring the patient’s ECG – available to consumers. The first production batch is being completed and will be retailed to consumers in early October.

Finnish technology will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere onboard Cassini

The mission of NASA's Cassini will end when the probe is directed into Saturn's atmosphere at around 3 pm Finnish time on 15 September.

VTT and UpCode bring smart sensors and functional inks to consumer goods

Soon, consumers will be able to buy, for example, digital beer capable of providing information on the product itself and its production stages with the aid of smart codes and the sensors embedded in the product.

Modular drop-in fuel technology to boost bio-share of oil refineries

EU-funded project COMSYN aims to develop a production concept for competitive bio-based fuels by means of a compact gasification and synthesis process.

The Finnish Kaitotek makes network measurement tool developed by VTT available to industry

Kaitotek Oy (Ltd), which was founded early this year, is continuing the development of software, begun by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, for measuring and monitoring the quality of service of networks.

TactoTek recognized for best practices and innovation in injection molded structural electronics (IMSE)

Frost & Sullivan announced that TactoTek has received the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Best Practices Award for 3D injection molded structural electronics technology innovation on 6th September, 2017. VTT Ventures Ltd is one of the owners of the company.

Jaakko Leppänen appointed VTT’s Research Professor of Reactor Safety

Jaakko Leppänen, DSc (Technology), has been appointed VTT’s new Research Professor responsible for reactor safety as of 1 July 2017.


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