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VTT and the City of Nokia are planning plastic recycling in the ECO3 business park in Nokia

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the City of Nokia aim to develop a new type of plastic recycling concept in the ECO3 business park for the bio and circular economy in Nokia.

VTT develops device for the simultaneous measurement of several gases reducing indoor air quality

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd has developed a real-time and reliable device that can be used to measure ammonia and formaldehyde concentrations particularly in indoor air simultaneously, unlike with the meters currently in use.

MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen will wear a unique evening dress, made of recycled fibre, designed by Anna Ruohonen, to the reception

For Finland's Centenary Independence Day Reception at the Presidential Palace, MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen will wear an evening dress designed by Anna Ruohonen, which will be the first one made by using renewable fibre technology created by VTT.

Automation of factory logistics for European SMEs takes a digital leap

Launched in October 2017, the L4MS initiative supported by the European Commission will accelerate the automation of intra-factory logistics of SMEs.

Desentum raises EUR 2.3 million to test allergy vaccine

Today, Desentum, a Finnish biopharmaceutical company developing next generation immunotherapy to treat allergies, announced that it has raised approx. EUR 2.3 million in a crowd funding campaign.

Lignin-based concrete plasticizer technology LigniOx to be scaled-up

LigniOx technology developed by VTT converts lignin by-products from pulp mills and other biorefineries into concrete plasticizers that can compete with the synthetic and lignosulphonate-based admixtures on the market.

A revolutionary new Finnish invention detects black ice in traffic

A new Finnish invention by EEE Innovations Ltd and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland revolutionizes the way black ice is detected and provides several other improvements in traffic safety as well.

Europe's Mobility as a Service turned into roadmap; account taken of rural areas’ special features

Under VTT’s coordination, the preconditions have been enhanced for user-oriented and ecological mobility services which seamlessly combine different modes of transport.

New competitiveness for the European steel industry

European organisations will jointly renew the steel industry.

VTT: Virtual and augmented reality technologies influence consumers’ eating experiences

Could health-promoting foods be made more appealing by using digital tools to enhance consumers’ eating experiences? VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has used Virtual Reality (VR) to amplify such experiences.

VTT develops disposable optical test substrate for detecting harmful microbes

Harmful microbes and toxic micromolecules in food and drinking water can cause serious health problems around the world. For her PhD thesis, VTT researcher Sanna Uusitalo has developed a disposable optical test substrate for use in microbial detection.

ICC Academy awarded Research Professor Kaisa Poutanen

The ICC Academy granted VTT’s Kaisa Poutanen its most highly regarded prize, the Clyde H. Bailey Medal on 14th November 2017, for major achievements in cereals research, technology development, and the health effects of whole grains.

VTT and TUT: Filtration of nanoparticles from traffic should become a key criterion of building ventilation

A good air filter can prevent health-endangering nanoparticle emissions from entering the indoor air of buildings.

Spare parts go digital: a boost for the industrial spare parts business

Five percent of spare parts could currently be stored in digital warehouses. This would make parts more quickly and easily available, while creating considerable cost savings.

EU border control is becoming harmonised and automated

Security risks and efficiency pressures at the EU's external borders are being highlighted as the number of passengers rises.

VTT's solution enables compact devices for telecommunications and security camera applications at even higher frequencies

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new manufacturing technology for the integration of very high-frequency terahertz systems.

Integrated technologies to recover metal and plastic from electronic waste

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new electronic waste recycling concept that combines a range of technologies and reduces waste.

VTT to develop new enzymes found in India’s wildfire-prone areas for biorefineries

Micro-organisms found in the wildfire-prone rainforests of India are an exciting prospect for biochemical production, as they are accustomed to the challenging conditions following a forest fire.

VTT-originated Spectral Engines develops a portable drug screening device for police officers

Spectral Engines, a growth company that originated at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, is about to launch a portable drug screening device police patrols can use for rapid and cost-efficient on-site screening of suspected drugs.

VTT’s EUR 3 million investment accelerates the development of new kinds of fibre products

Cellulose and other fibres are future materials that can replace many plastic and mineral-based materials in the industrial sector.


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