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ELAN NETWORK EVENT Nano/Biotechnology, ICTs and Renewable/Alternative Energies: innovation as key to generating successful technology business based opportunities

VTT Sense'17 Seminar - Sensing Solutions from Silicon to Cloud

Meet VTTs experts at LOPEC 2017

EnergyWeek 2017

Reboot Finland D.Day event

DECIPHER PCP final Event: PCP in mHealth and What We Learnt

Technology Disrupting Finance

Market Opportunities for Renewable Energy

Slush 2016

MeSSa 2016 - Workshop on Monitoring and Measurability of Software and Network Security

Seminar: Exploring the Design Freedom of Additive Manufacturing through Simulation

Hack the Waste

​Workshop on Bio-CC(U)S

ELAN Network event Matchmaking between European and Brazilian enterprises in Health, Renewable Energy and ICT

Concrete for nuclear structures

ELAN Network event Health Foods: new technologies and business generation

Day of Photonics

Final workshop of the SAMT and STYLE projects: Recommendations for future sustainability assessment

ELAN Network event Biotechnology and ICT - a space for articulation of challenges and skills

ELAN Network event SUSTAINABLE CITIES: Achieving Efficiency in the City

European Researchers' Night

ELAN Network event: ICTs in environment, health and high performance computing as key for technical business opportunities

VTT Bioeconomy Hack

ELAN Network Technical Mission in Finland

Financial Tech Breakfast

HILLA Sports Technology Growth Mill seminar

The 17th Nordic Symposium on Tribology - NORDTRIB 2016

ARea16 - Augmented Reality for Business and Productivity

PRINSE'16 - 4th Printed Intelligence Industry Seminar

Baltica X - 2016 - Life Management and Maintenance for Power Plants

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Tel. +358 20 722 7070
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UTC +3 time zone