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VTT researchers produce some 1,500 publications annually, the majority of them in international scientific and scholarly journals or conference proceedings. High-technology research results are also published in Finnish scientific journals and publication series, as monographs, patents and VTT's own publications series.

VTT's own series are: 


​​​VTT Technology

Research results, manuals, conference papers and summaries for professionals to benefit business and society.

​ ​​​

​​​VTT Science

High-quality peer-reviewed research results, mainly doctoral dissertations.

​ ​​​

​​​VTT Research Highlights

Current research results summarised by fields of research, for customers and other stakeholders. These are "success stories from VTT".

​ ​​​

Future visions and foresights on significant technological, societal and business topics.

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VTT Communications distributes VTT's publications and takes care of international publications exchange.

VTT's publications are free-of-charge (1 copy per order). They will only be sent to libraries or other organisations. If the publication is out-of-print we shall only send a copy of publications that are not available in PDF format. 
Others interested in VTT's publications, please, see our electronic publications.


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The VTT Research Register is a database of VTT's research projects, containing information on VTT's public research projects since 1970. Both completed and ongoing public research is included. The register presently holds basic information on 8,500 research projects.

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Recent scientific and scholarly publications by VTT researchers:


The VTT publications database is available also via WWS, WorldWideScience, the global portal of science and research publications.


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