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VTT researchers produce some 1,500 publications annually, the majority of them in international scientific and scholarly journals or conference proceedings. High-technology research results are also published in Finnish scientific journals and publication series, as monographs, patents and VTT's own publications series.

VTT's own series are: 


​​​VTT Technology

Research results, manuals, conference papers and summaries for professionals to benefit business and society.

​ ​​​

​​​VTT Science

High-quality peer-reviewed research results, mainly doctoral dissertations.

​ ​​​

​​​VTT Research Highlights

Current research results summarised by fields of research, for customers and other stakeholders. These are "success stories from VTT".

​ ​​​

Future visions and foresights on significant technological, societal and business topics.

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Recent scientific and scholarly publications by VTT researchers:


The VTT publications database is available also via WWS, WorldWideScience, the global portal of science and research publications.


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