Bioeconomy Transformation



New technical, societal and business innovations are needed in the transformation to bioeconomy. Technology and science are playing a key role when developing future innovations. The future bioeconomy requires a multidisciplinary approach.


The Bioeconomy Transformation programme combines various competences in the area of chemistry, biotechnology, process, nano, energy, and information technologies, as well as foresighting and business development in order to expand the limits of today's technologies. Bioeconomy calls for development of new business models together with strong exploitation of digitalisation.

One of the goals of the Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy is to double the turnover of bioeconomy by 2025 to EUR 100 billion. The VTT Bioeconomy Transformation programme aims at sustainable utilisation of renewable natural resources and renewing of Finnish industries. We develop technologies for new value chains, in which forest and agro biomass is refined to food and fibre products, chemicals and fuels.

Our research infrastructures, BioRuukki piloting ecosystem and pilot facilities in Otaniemi, Tampere and Jyväskylä, provide a strong support for our development work. We can combine high level research, product and process development, comprehensive process understanding and modelling and piloting in an industrially feasible scale.

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Tel. +358 20 722 7070
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