Networks and partnerships


A vital part of research and innovation takes place in networks. VTT is active in many international networks and research and innovation communities, and participates in collaborative projects within programmes such as Horizon 2020, Tekes and Academy of Finland.

International and dynamic collaboration networks

VTT is a significant actor and a recognized partner in global research and innovation communities, having strategic cooperation agreements with top-rated international universities and research institutes. VTT's customers can have access to new knowledge with VTT through these networks. Furthermore, VTT can help public sector understand what the innovation needs of various industrial sectors are, in Finland and more widely across EU. VTT also participates in the Global Research Alliance, aiming at promoting sustainable development in developing countries. VTT has altogether more than 6,000 customers from which around 600 are outside Finland.

​European network and innovation partnerships with global importance

VTT is among the top five most active European research institutes participating in EU research programmes. VTT has joined in several European research activities such as ARTEMIS, EERA and JIIP. In addition, VTT is a founder member in the HTA Research Alliance on micro- and nanotechnology in electronics.

YEAR (Young European Associated Researchers) is a network of young researchers that aims to support the new researchers on their early path and to promote european co-operation between different research organizations.

​National research consortia augment international activities

VTT has an extensive strategic collaboration network with Finnish universities. VTT research groups are involved in three of the Academy of Finland’s centre of excellence programmes, in addition to its participation in more than 30 national technology programmes.

VTT is involved in the Finnish Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOKs) as a shareholder, developer of strategic research agendas, and research operator. The centres provide an opportunity for closer research collaboration among companies, research institutes and universities.

VTT has set up a number of active research alliances with partners from industry and academia, such as the Finnish Centre for Nanocellulosic Technologies, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, the Triple Helix project in Oulu, and Finnish Partnership for Research on Natural Resources and the Environment (LYNET).

VTT has service points in a number of locations in Finland and it continuously strengthens the availability of VTT services by regional representatives, local partnerships and project based development work.

​Contact points in strategically selected technology and market centres

VTT has contact points in different parts of the world to support its international operations: Sao Paulo (Brazil), Seoul (South Korea)  Shanghai (China) and Brussels (Belgium). These contact points promote the research collaboration between VTT’s projects and local operators.

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