VTT 2016-2020



A brighter future is created through science-based innovations.


VTT helps customers and society to grow and renew through applied research.


VTT strategy: we make an impact through scientific and technological excellence


Challenge-driven way of working and excellence in science and technology are at the core of VTT's strategy.

VTT aims at understanding customers and society's needs and opportunities by working in a challenge-driven way. VTT co-develops impactful solutions to match these needs. In this way we help customers to succeed and promote sustainable growth and wellbeing in the society.

Scientific and technological excellence in all our work is the basis for VTT's impact. To further develop our competencies and identify new growth opportunities, we work with demanding customers and challenges around the world.

People at VTT make us unique. Wellbeing and competence development ensure that VTT people succeed in their work for customers. Built on our knowledge, partnerships, unique research infrastructure and IPR, we collaboratively develop timely and commercially competitive innovations.

VTT achieves world class research and development by focusing its research on the following societal challenges and growth opportunities for Finland. We call these VTT Lighthouses:

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How we work at VTT?

Our impact and excellence in science and technology are concretised in eight strategic choices that rise from market trends and customer needs. They describe how and on what grounds we make choices at VTT.

Impact from VTT

  1. We work in a challenge-driven way to create solutions to the current and future needs of our customers and society.

  2. We formulate our research agenda based on future market growth opportunities (lighthouses).

  3. We co-develop with customers according to differentiated service models matching their needs.

  4. We proactively bring different customers and partners together around ambitious innovation initiatives.

Excellence from VTT

  1. We want to learn and improve. That’s why we continuously evaluate the impact of our work.

  2. We always improve our way to lead people and substance to ensure excellence and continuous competence development.

  3. We work with leading international customers and partners to further develop our competencies and identify new growth opportunities.

  4. We invest in excellence through funding from multiple public and private sources.
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